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Æ Productions is a company that envelopes several different facets of the Creative Industry.


Ash Productions is a combination of talents as one entity that can produce almost everything; from graphic design, portrait and concept photography to abstract  and fine art images, herbology & apothecary mixtures, writing and/or editing services, professional consulting, & media assistance.

The business is comprised of several subparts, categorized by different names to identify its station more clearly. All departments, though recognized by their own labels in reference, are all run under the company of Æ Productions.


Grey Spark Imagery • Covers Product & Advertising Photography, Professional Portrait Photography, Artistic & Creative Imagery, Concept & Fine Art Photography, and a Gallery of select Artist collections for purchase in the Artist's Gallery of the HeX Boutique.


The -X- Boutique • This is the emporium of intriguing items for purchase. Here, you will find Exclusive Apparel, Jewelry, Home Décor, Special Collections, Dried Herbs, Blends, Botanicals, Essential oils, Candles, Assorted Metaphysical Tools, Shoes, Perfumes, Accessories, and much more.


Black Star Editing Agency/ Black S.E.A. •  A production of select written works collected and sold, amongst personally published works within the HeX Boutique. Also, offering editing services for written documents and literary works.

Subscribe, and be welcomed into a hidden forum where you may create your own profile and posts, and be noticed for your own works and adorations. 
Personal works of A.Elizabeth can be found within. 


Lis d’Or Design • An Original Design Collection of Accessories & Apparel that has an endless line of handcrafted productions.
A service that offers not only fashion originals, but interior decor and organizing, as well. 
[coming soon]


Arcana • An Original Hangout to get spellbound & lost in... 
[a future feature production]


Æ Productions • as a department label, focuses mainly in the part of Graphic Design, Web Design & Maintenance, Logo/Advertisement Creation, Business/ Social Media Assistance, Video Productions, and much more. I will work with you directly to attain that perfection that will reveal to the senses what you want to portray. 

• ○ •

I am the Owner, Director, Designer, Photographer, & Creator of Ash Productions; and every property that it is composed of.
I am the force behind the company, as well as the Chairwoman of the group The Siren's Form.
I am, the Siren’s Muse.

I absolutely love what I do & enjoy my work to the fullest extent. 
They say that if you love what you do, then you will never work a day in your life…. This couldn't be more accurate.
I love collaborating ideas, producing images, making connections, and forming other media that will help another person grow within their own empire.
I love building people and their works Up. 

If you have an idea that you'd like to build upon, or need help putting a project together; are looking for an affordable and worthwhile photographer, or are just in the mood to browse and find uniquely enchanting items, then you've found yourself in the perfect place!  

- I'd certainly be ecstatic to speak with you and see what we can create. 


                   • Let me help you seize the eye. •                

Meet the Muse ... 
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Tel: 575-921-8343

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