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I'm tired of Hiding.

Ready. Ready to stomp this past year into the ground. Ready for a resolution. I'm no longer waiting. I'm ready. More ready than I've ever been.... To lure life in as a Siren should... To bring it into My depths. The ones feared, having never known of its phenomenal mystery because of the darkness there. I no longer care whether it be seen or not. I have broken the mirrors and cleared the smoke. My light will no longer be dulled. I will not diminish. Ready. To illuminate & romance my own little world. It is mine. Life will follow Me now. Are you

ready? #ready#SirensMuse #deathofanotheryear #goodmourning#Self I used to be so damn creative, and I still was, I'm not sure what kept me from fulfilling that purpose - to write, to build, to create, to capture - I just hadn't for several years. Something happened, and I just .... stopped. I began waiting for something. Something to resolve. Something to begin. Something to save me. Today, I had finally had enough. This day, I was ready to begin.

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