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Excerpt from UnNamed Novel in Progress

Image Enhancements by A.Elizabeth
Photo Credit:: Crystal Tompkins Photography

-- His eyes passed along the streets, admiring and adoring all of them. Experiencing all of them at once was a rush he loved to indulge in. He could hear each of them; laughing and grumbling... Stressing over the problems of their own personal world... Sighing over the acts of love, the insufferable tensions, the untimely rushing... It was all so beautiful to him. He couldn't help but smile. This.... this chaos, .... This is what brought him peace. He held it in as he closed his eyes, still smiling to the hum of it all; and that's when it happened. It wasn't a brutal accident, or even a clustered confusion ending in a thud. It was just a rising feeling. Something profound was drawing near. It welled up inside of him and cut him short of breath as he jolted open his eyes. In the instant that the blur of her intruded his vision, he was ravaged by every moment of her life leading up to that day. It overwhelmed the air all about him, and whirled around her like a rose in reverse bloom as it nestled with an end at her lips. Only one single breath had passed, and here, she drew in another; but in that breath, ...her lifetime. He knew her then. All of her. And he loved her instantaneously. This was not the kind of love that you speak of lightly. You know, the kind that creeps in, flutters and then leaves. No, this was different. This one pummeled him. He had felt love for many, cared for many others, but never had he felt a sensation such as this. The only other feeling he had ever felt in remote comparison, was when he was in Divine presence. But how could this be? To be perfectly honest, in this moment - he truly didn't care to know. He'd ponder on it later. Right now- he wanted nothing but more of her.... --

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