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There are moments within me... Moments that I have.... Let me word this promptly.

I have moments of strength that are so brilliant - no cosmic light show can compare. Even the heavens cannot deny me in those hours of greatness. My spark & it's flare could ignite the world; and keep it lit in my connections. My Own little World of Ember.

And then there are the Others..... Those other elaborations of time. Moments within my weakness you might say. Moments within the darkness. Moments of tragedy. [Your hero has a fatal flaw.] Moments where the lights falter, and the world may grow dim. Not yours, of course... I'm not the type to draw in the quote of misery loves company. No - here, I like the quiet... I like it alone. Here, the moments are anything but weak.

I call them hours of beauty.

A time in which I see everything and feel it all at once.

They bring enlightenment, epiphany, and wisdom.... Solidity and dignity and grace.... They may also bring reaction as the rush of all that is gorgeous and horrific in the tendrils make wake in this rising tide of tears.


Let me drown here. Let me go blue.... For this is where my spark restores.

This is where the soul is fed. I need the moments as you need the water I drown in. As desperately as you feed from the light, I hunger for the dark.

Without it - I fade...

© A.Elizabeth •


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