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The Workshop, the Wonder Emporium of Ash ~ where all of the great & miscellaneous endeavors are combined & brought to light.

The Ash Productions Blog is a series that captivates the process, the excess, and the person behind all of its facets. 

It reveals not only the visual process- but also Many aspects of ALL of the works in progress within & without of the company; the personal and professional pursuits of Ash and her associate artists, so to speak. 
It is a mass combination of ambition and hope; a production publication for the behind-the-scenes of all impending endeavors by Ash and the Æ Productions Projects. 

Welcome!! To the personal, interactive journal of the artists behind it All!  

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This is Awesome!

But Seriously,
You should call me

Oh, You Should Probably do that too. 

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they made me do it.

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Æ Productions is the parent company enveloping each aspect within;
utilizing a combination of talents as one entity we can produce Almost Everything.  
From logos, emblems, & advertising media, to video productions, social media assistance, and much more. Social media has become a great foundation by which clients & businesses are finding each other. Do you need help branching out
into social media - Or creating/maintaining a website? 
Are you looking to create that perfect memorable ad design, image, or logo for your business that will epitomize your calling and linger in memory? 


What is it that you're made of? 

What is the composition of your professional make up? 
The foundation of your empire?

What do you want the World to find in You, Your works, Your production?

Ae Productions can help you confidently branch out into greater heights. With our talents combined, we could reveal to the senses that attained perfection and display it for the world to devour.  Let me work with you and weave your ideas into a grand presentation and representation of your genuine and unique proclamation. 

 • Let me help you sieze the eye. •  






What is she Doing?!




What did she just Say?!


my mom thinks i'm cool. 

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